June 26, 2008

OK I am going to be racing my buddy''''s Tundra with the 5.7 ...it''''s a quuick truck for sure ...but I am wanting to surprise him ...I have a Wet nitrous kit and was going to install it on my 1999 V10 with 120k , I have Intake and Short Dual exhaust 3" , new factory plugs .

Im sure there are some of you V10''''s spraying I want to know how much your spraying , how it feels before and after , how many miles on your rig ?

The solinoids for my kit are good for up to 150 shot which = out to 15hp more per cyl. And if I am not mistaken this motor is a 9:1.1 compression correct me if wrong so I am thinking it should hold wet 150shot but if I wanted to run more could I thats why I am asking what everyone is spraying ?

Thanks alot guy''''s please let me know asap