November 17, 2008

I am thinking about installing a Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD in my wife''s Diesel Excursion as a Christmas present. Can anybody offer installation tips? I have a 2003 PSD Excursion with the 6-disk CD Receiver and overhead DVD entertainment system.

(1) Will if fit?
(2) What if any wiring accessories do I need to buy? I would like to put the AVH-P4000 in the DD slot, wire the back seat volume controls, etc, to the P4000.
(3) How is the factory DVD system setup? Does it have an extra video out to send the DVD signal to the P4000? Does it have an extra input so I can send a DVD from the P4000 to the factory display? What do people do?
(4) Basically, I''d like it to look as OEM as possible with all controls working as you would expect them...
(5) I plan on adding the HD tuner.
(6) I''ll route the USB somewhere convenient, what are folks doing?
(7) Is this a good system *or* do folks recommend something else in this price range? I can get this for low $300s.