October 24, 2011

Hello, I have a matching set of front and rear differentials with 4.88 gears in them and they are out of my 2004 f150. The rear is a 8.8 which I have built with 4.88 Motive Red series high performance gears, Detroit True-Trac locking carrier,Yukon gear stronger axles, Yukon gear billet performance yoke, Summit racing aluminum girdle diff cover(looks awsome) and all new bearings and seals. The rear also has custom traction bar mounts already welded to the axle tubes, but could easily be removed if needed. The front differential is the stock front IFS 8.8 with Motive gear Red series high performance gears and all new bearings and seals. The truck has 160 000km`s(100 000miles) on it but these rebuilt diffs are only a little over a year old with about 20 000kms on them. The only reason for selling them is i`m going with bigger tires and want lower gears so i bought another set of diffs to do it to them. I have over $2300 just in parts invested in these diffs. I`m hopeing to get 1700$ out of them. Thanks Untitled