October 16, 2006

Dude, I feel your pain, and I too am the only bread winner in a family of four. I like the company I work for, and I make a pretty decent salary. But, for 9 years now I've been doing computer work, and it's never anything I've wanted to do. In fact, it's the kind of work I can't stand, indoor using your head crap... It sucks to feel like you're wasting your life doing something you don't like to do. My wife is in school, so hopefully it won't be too many more years...

I know I didn't help you at all, and honestly I have no idea what to tell you. One side of me feels for ya, and I wanna say to cut your ties and do what you wanna do. The other says to stick it out until you've got some money banked. Tough choice, but life is full of 'em.