January 2, 2009

i have a 1989 ranger 2.9/5 speed. after i down shift to stop, the engine dies. if i let the rpms drop slowly it will idle at about 700. when it stalls, sometimes if i try to re start it, the rpms go up to like 1000 then it stalls again. it only did it a couple times when i first got it, and then i ran a can of seafoam through it, and it didnt really get worse **or** better, then i let my brother borrow it for a couple days and he ran another can through it thinking that he was doing me a favor and it got worse and now it does it every time i stop. but if im just driving in 5th gear and push in the clutch and let it drop to idle, its usually fine because the rpms dont drop as fast. im thinking maybe i should turn the idle up if i can because 500-700 might be a little low when the truck does idle it usually idles smooth but sometimes it jumps between around 400 and 1000, maybe she just needs a good tune up because i dont know when the last one was

EDIT: i also wanted to add that it has been using alot more gas since this has been happening, and it also seems more gutless than a 2.9 should be lol