March 5, 2009

A link to that section of my gallery:

On that page I wrote:

These mirrors came from a 2002 Expedition (I think). Installation was simple, they just bolted right up. Wiring all the functions was tougher. My door wiring already had power and signals, but the heater required a relay. I ordered a heater module from to take care of that. Washington Chapter members Funky Cold Medina and Mort helped me find a power source for the heater elements. I got a pair of matching wiring pigtails from a wrecking yard to make for easy electrical connection. But what were all those extra wires from the mirror for? Turned out that four of them were for memory sensor relays my truck doesn''''t need, so I just taped the extra wires off and used heat shrink tubing to secure them. Then I soldered all the connections and heat shrinked them too.

I hope that helps some.