July 13, 2011

Hi Fellows i have a 99 ford expedition and the od light comes on and flashes when i drive if i do it manual i can sometimes get the light to quit flashing and either way it shift normal, now i took it into a transmission shop and they pulled a code of PO781 which is the 1-2 shift error nowi have been looking into this and some people are saying its the shift pack and could be the 1-2 shift valve sticking or spring broke, im pretty mechanically inclined to change this out but my fear is the check balls falling out when i take out valve body my question is can i pull the valve body out without interferring with the check balls? and how hard is it to change the shift pack and 1-2 valve springs im going to also replace the wiring harness inside the trans while im in there any help would be greatly appreciated so i can do this without any problems