November 14, 2011

Hey guys just put in a Adrenaline HPOP and a Air Dog 2 in a 03 powerstroke. After putting it in and bleeding the air out of the heads for the oil and then doing the same for the fuel I took off for a drive and really did not notice much. So I did the bleeding again. still nothing noticeable. I was driving down the interstate the other day and the truck started to lose power so I let off the pedal because I figured it was the fuel pump. I hit the pedal again and had power. Like I said before it has had this hick up or weird idle pattern where it will run smooth then idle a little choppy. Has anyone had any problems with the air dog II not delivering enough fuel? Stock Injectors right now and just a small banks chip. New DP tuner chip and 230cc injectors are coming so it won`t feed them for sure! Any idea guys? Thanks.