February 12, 2012

Had the cruise control recall done back in 05-06`. Fast forward six years now to 2012 and yesterday I noticed my cruise was not working. I went under the hood and noticed that my cruise control brake deactivation switch was leaking brake fluid. I went to my local Ford dealer and he said to install a new brake deactivation switch and harness. He also said the original recall would have replaced the switch if it was leaking at the time but since mine was not the recall just added the fused wiring harness to address the recall. The new switch with harness I got was $20 and you simply unscrew the old switch from the master cylinder and screw this new one it and connect the wiring harness. Very simple and fixed the leak. However my cruise control still does not work. The light on the instrument panel does not light up when I press on. I think I ruled out the clock spring as the problem since my horn works and the cruise control lights on the steering wheel light up when the lights are on. I am at a lose can anyone suggest anything? Thanks.