July 24, 2012

I installed a 2001 F-150 cassette headunit & remote 6 disk cd changer about 6 years ago, using a custom harness w/ some help from a friend of mine who at the time had an F-150 EVTM that had the radio connector pinout diagrams which we used to build the harness so that it would interface w/ the stock ranger dash harness and then the radio & CD Changer functioned correctly.

This past winter, I had to pull the radio out to diagnose some HVAC issues, and in removing the radio, a couple of the wires came out of the connectors, and now I cant find the info needed to fix the harness.

So I either need the actual connector diagrams, or a wiring diagram that shows the radio & cd changer w/ the connector position numbers. So far all I`ve really been able to find are the wire colors, and that`s not the info I need.