September 12, 2012

I have a damaged door panel to a 2004 F150 Supercrew Lariat front left door panel. The door panel is black with the "wood grain" typical for the Lariat. I have only found one "black" panel in the country but it is not a Lariat. It does not have the wood grain insert and has a grey insert instead. Does anyone know if the wood grian insert on my Lariat door panel can be removed and placed on the one I found used with the grey insert? If so how are they removed and re-attached? I can figure out how to remove the panel. I just need to know how the wood grain insert is replaced. Any pictures of the back of the door panel? Better than that, does anyone know of anyone who has a used panel that is black and is for a Lariat? A new one cost over $500 and I really don`t want to spend that if I can find a used one in good shape. Any help would be appreciated.