November 16, 2012

Just wondering if anyone has had this problem ? The shifter wouldn`t come out of park , so i thought it was the linkage and checked all of it but wasn`t the problem . Took the cover off from around the shifter , pushed the button and the shift lever wouldnt raise up to let it come out of park so i took the T-handle off to find the plastic rod that goes from the t-handle button down inside the shifter had broken .

Then came the brainstorming to find a way to fix it without trying to find a replacement part and take more time which i didn`t have . Here is what i came up with ; found a plastic , solid tube which would fit inside the hole without being to loose or tight then to get it the right length and it worked like a charm . So if you ever hear someone say their truck or car won`t come out of park or won`t go into park an it is a ford floor shift , this could be the reason .

Maybe this will help someone in a bind !