February 17, 2014

I have an 03 F250 with the 5.4 v8. It has about 160,000 on it, so when it developed an oil leak... Wasn`t too surprised. But can`t seem to find it . Arms to b running down the back of the block... Down near the starter, etc. but there is soo much stuff crammed in there u can`t really see where it`s coming from... Seems to b coming from the drivers side though... U changed the oil yesterday and when looking for the leak, noticed some oil down in the valley below the alternator area... It was old oil , not new from the change .. You can smell it as soon as the truck starts to warm up... Any ideas?

Also... Getting afew rust thru spots on my bed floor... Does anyone know if u can get patch panels for the floor? Or new floor? Can`t seem to find anything!!