November 11, 2014

I know its another cold start thread, but Ive been searching for quite some time and can`t seem to figure mine out.
2001 F350, 7.3, auto, 205k miles, has 6 position chip, straight pipe and cold air intake. Everything else is stock.
If I let the truck sit over night it will start rather easy but has a miss with temps from 20 50F. Starts just as easy cold as warm and never smokes. Does not miss if plugged in. With the valve covers off 3 injectors will not spit oil. Seems to me like the injectors are bad but I`m hesitant to replace injectors.
I have check it out with a scan tool. All injectors pass the buzz test with 3 sounding a little weaker. Cylinder 3 and 8 failed the contribution test. Icp at idle is about 480psi and spikes to 2000 at starting. Icp/wires, and cps has been changed. Ipr was cleaned. Glowplug system checks out good. No oil in fuel filter assembly. Hpop oil is about 1 inch down from top.
Once it starts it will miss and won`t rev past 1200rpms. If I turn my 6 position chip up to 140hp setting it will miss a little then clear up while driving in about 50 feet and run like a top all day until it sits for about 10hrs. Will miss with or without chip installed, chip just helps boost pressure to get injectors to fire, I assume.
Now for the odd thing. If I turn chip up and clear it out and shut it down before the engine heats up it can sit for 10hrs, (was 24F last time) and start up and run like a brand new one, no miss, no hesitation. Seems like I got an oil leak in the high pressure system that only leaks when warm. What do you all think? I just don`t know where to go from here. Thanks in advance!