November 27, 2014

Cause: oil tank system leakage or damage
Does not always smell of gasoline burned if driving, then you better be playing the spirit of twelfth immediately, because the next thing you have to confirm the location and severity of the spill to the road again.

Whether it is a car or a vehicle carburetor EFI, after prolonged use of the pipeline route are likely to occur aging cracks, then just a little bump or line pressure in the event of a change, it is possible from these parts such as [url=]engine conrod[/url] of the fuel leak out. Therefore, when you drive the car smelled of gasoline abnormal, they should immediately turn off the car`s cigarette and other open flames, while away from the main road to avoid car accidents and it happened. In addition, if the tank had been accidental impact (such as dragging the bottom), it is possible to make unburned gasoline leaks occur, if there is really a tank leak emergency simple method is to use chewing gum stuck in oil spill at then repair the line as soon as possible.

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