April 21, 2016

Ok Guy`s I just test drove both the F350 K/R and F350 Platnium editions 4x4 duallies. I was talking to the sales person about having one built. When the Manager over heard me he told me, I only have about a 2 week time frame before they shut down and start the retool set-up for the 2017 S/D. I asked him about the new truck pricing and he said expect to be paying around 80K or around 8K to 9K more for the same truck . He did say it`s going to have new options that are not even available on the F150. He also said that the motor isn`t going to change all that much which I don`t believe. If that`s the truth why is Ford so hush hush about the motor specs also by the year 2020 we will be paying 100K for a truck? so if your thinking about ordering a 16 model do it soon !