January 10, 2018

Hello all! Its been a while since I have been here and I am in need of some help. I have a 2013 F-250 crew 6.7 with a set of LT275/65R20 Michelin LTX/AT tires. The truck has 106K miles on it. I am experiencing the dreaded death wobble. At first it was only a slight vibration and some bouncing if I went over a bump as I had the wheel turned. It is now if there is any uneven spots in the pavement I will start getting the vibration. Once it goes full bore it acts if it is going to shake the dash out of the truck. I did a lot of research and from what I have found it appears that it is a combination of old tires and not enough caster. I could easily get a new set of tires and postpone having to deal with this problem but I want to fix the problem. Also yes I did take it to a professional shop and had them take a look at it. All the front suspension and steering components were in great shape and the alignment was within specs. We swapped out the steering stabilizer as an attempt to see if that had any effect. This didn`t change anything. From the research I found and a great youtube video it seems Ford has these truck setup at 1 degree of positive caster to make them steer easier. They need around 3-4 degrees to function properly. Apparently this has been a problem since the 2005 model. I was looking for something to add caster to the truck but can only find parts for 2005-2010. It is a cam bushing that will give you around 3 degrees. I found information on some other bushings from ICON for their 2.5" lifts that correct it but they will only work if you have the lift. My question is does anyone know if there is something out there that will work on my 2013 F-250?
Thanks in advance for any help!