11/1/2011 6:23a

Just bought an 05 F-250. I just ordered the one up offroad 500 series 16 inch lift. Im not planning on doing any hardcore offroading, i just want a sweet looking truck. As far as the coil overs, should i go with the 2.5`s or the 3.0`s? As far as shocks, would i really need to get front and rear shocks? or would I be fine with just the coil overs alone? I`m leaning towards the 2.5`s basically just because of the price difference. And as far as tires and rims, i was planning on either 42 inch BFG Krawlers on 20" Hostage Fuel wheels or 41 inch iroks. Anyone out there have any advice or photos of trucks with similar set up?