8/9/2014 12:05p

hi I am looking at a truck its a 03 f20 5.4 with 222k miles on it the dealership is asking $8,700 for the truck. the original owner was a mechanic who took extremely good care of the truck! truck has a 6`` lift and was done right as well. I have been searching for trucks for almost a year now. I need something for my farm and farm business because my farms name will be on the truck so the truck must look good. also I work 10 miles from my house so I drive 20 miles a day so I drive less then 10,000 miles a year so the truck wouldn`t get to many more miles I did the math correctly and it would take me close to five years to put 250k miles on this truck and by then I would be willing to drop a new motor/trans in it. should I go for it or pass it and keep looking? anything I need to look for in the year?